BREAKING: Joe Biden Breaks Promise Already – White House Scrambling…

President Joe Biden said be believed in transparency before he said that he didn’t.

At least that seems to be the official policy of the White House.

“The Biden White House won’t be releasing virtual visitor logs to the public,” reports Breitbart News.

That directly contradicts White House Press Secretary’s promise in January “The Biden-Harris Administration will return to the policy of releasing White House visitor logs.”

However, that promise has already been broken.

“The schedules for the president and vice president aren’t posted online. The White House comment line is shut down. There are no citizen petitions on the White House’s website,” reports Politico.

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4 Responses

  1. evil is dark and secretive: good is truth and transparent. Obviously Biden found that being a leftist Democrat meant he couldn’t keep his promise of transparency. We all knew that, how come Biden didn’t, or did Jill keep it from him so she could be first lady.

  2. You can’t murder baby’s and claim to love GOD The mill stone is about to be tied about your neck. God said he would repay he will do it.

  3. You can’t have it both ways joe or whoever is pulling the strings you are doing a grate disservice to America and (all)races

  4. Joke – a presser with questions provided to clueless Joe beforehand – isn’t that special –
    The world is laughing @ our ILLEGITIMATE POTUS WHILE WE THE PPL R CRYING at the destruction he is doing to our country our borders our jobs our
    Safety!!!! DISGUSTING

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