BREAKING: Joe Biden Bombshell – They Caught His Brother…

2020 Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden may have more questions to answer about his family’s use of the Biden name for personal benefit and to grease the wheels for organizations.

Biden’s younger brother Frank Biden has now been accused of using his famous name to open several charter schools in Florida–schools that closed down within a few years due to questionable success rates for students.

Frank Biden made hundreds of thousands of dollars as the president and CEO of the effort. He said in media interviews at the time that using the Biden name opened doors for him to get approvals to open the schools.

While Joe Biden has not been accused of wrongdoing in brother Frank’s business ventures, he didn’t exactly shut it down either. His credibility as he protests his innocence in helping son Hunter Biden get millions in payoffs from Ukraine and China is diminished by his brother’s admissions.

Ignoring the questions raised by these stories will not help him as he goes forward to attempt to be the nominee that faces President Donald Trump in 2020.

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