BREAKING: Joe Biden BLACKOUT – Republicans Shocked

Tucker Carlson used his monologue on Thursday to question how democracy can continue when the press refuses to cover stories that have validity like the Hunter Biden laptop/email/business associate story that the majority of news sources is trying its best to ignore.

After running down the reasons and ways the story has been found credible since it was broken by the New York Post earlier in October, he lamented the media’s repeated claims that the allegations were “Russian disinformation.”

DNI head John Ratcliffe and the FBI have both said there was no evidence of Russian disinformation, but journalists are still repeating the lie.

A Harris poll released Thursday showed that 51% of those surveyed believed that the allegations were Russian disinformation, which Carlson found discouraging.

“You assume the “Today” show and “The View” and the rest of it is just harmless garbage, but it’s not harmless,” Carlson said. “They are liars and their lies have consequences. How do you maintain a democratic system when reality itself has been banned?”

Read the full story here.

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