BREAKING: Joe Biden Attacked INSIDE America – Wow…

In an uncharacteristic move for media and Hollywood, Trevor Noah actually made jokes at President Joe Biden’s expense at the White House Correspondents Dinner over the weekend in Washington, D.C.

“Ever since you’ve come into office, things are really looking up,” Noah started out. “Gas is up, rent is up, food is up! Everything!”

Sadly, Biden laughed uproariously at the joke even though the inflation he caused is squeezing lower and middle class Americans.

Noah wondered aloud why he was chosen to speak at the dinner. He joked, “Then I was told that you get your highest approval ratings when a biracial African guy is standing next to you.”

While we know Noah is no conservative, it’s nice to see him poke at Biden’s failings and not just fawn at him like most media figures usually do.

Read the full story here.

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