BREAKING: Joe Biden Already Calls It Quits – Congress Stunned

Joe Biden has already called it quits on making any attempts to maintain security on the Southern Border. Just days into his presidency, Biden canceled ongoing work on the border wall and ended crucial programs.

Biden claimed that the border wall “is not a serious policy solution [and] is a waste of money.” Instead, Biden would rather waste money on social safety nets that illegal immigrants will undoubtedly exploit now that Biden is abandoning the border.

The Biden Administration also ended a crucial problem that required asylum seekers to wait in Mexico while their claims were processed. Now those applicants will be released into the U.S. irrespective of the validity of their claims.

As predicted by many Republicans, Biden’s terrible immigration policy has already led to the formation of caravans of immigrants traveling to the border seeking entry into the U.S.

One caravan immigrant told CNN that, “Biden, he’s going to help all of us. He’s given us 100 days to get to the U.S. and give us legal [unintelligible] paper so we can get a better life for our kids and family.”

Illegal immigrants will be flooding through the southern border, and social safety nets will be stretched to their maximum. Americans must remember this when election season returns in two years.

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