BREAKING: Joe Biden Admits Mask Bombshell – It Isn’t Stopping

President Joe Biden just admitted a bombshell about masks. It isn’t stopping and millions of Americans are furious. People need to make their voices heard.

“So I urge — I urge all local docs and — and ministers and priests and every — to talk about why — why it’s important to get it — to get that vaccine, and even after that, until everyone is in fact vaccinated, to wear this mask,” stammered Biden.

While he could barely get a coherent sentence out, Biden made it clear during a White House event that he wants mask-wearing to become a nearly indefinite thing in American society. It couldn’t be more obvious.

Why? Because he said “everyone.” He said that local leaders should encourage the wearing of masks until “everyone” is vaccinated, and this simply isn’t going to happen. There won’t be a 100% vaccination rate.

Individuals have the right to decide for themselves on the vaccine — and whether they will wear masks. Coronavirus cases have dropped dramatically due to vaccinations and a host of other factors, such as developing herd immunity.

Conservative governors are in the process of ending their mask mandates, and some never instituted one in the first place. Biden has called this “neanderthal thinking,” but what is “neanderthal thinking” is promoting the permanent loss of liberty.

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