BREAKING: Joe Biden Admits Gun Control Bombshell – America Shocked

President Joe Biden defended his record on gun control Friday at a press conference held with Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga.

Biden was asked if he thought he needed to switch up his priorities to focus more on gun control rather than working so hard to get an infrastructure bill passed (that doesn’t even do much to help improve America’s infrastructure).

“Who in God’s name, needs a weapon that can hold 100 rounds, or 40 rounds, or 20 rounds?” he asked. “It’s just wrong.”

Biden blamed Republicans for blocking the House gun control bill and called on them to pass it. He also claimed that the majority of Americans support the bill and a ban on assault weapons.

The other main provision in the bill is universal background checks. Both provisions encroach on the Second Amendment rights of Americans, which is prohibited in the Constitution.

Read the full story here.

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11 Responses

  1. Ol’ sniffy gives idiots and fools a bad name. Hell, that’s what he gets for sniffing old hag maxi pad waters, uh, uh, hair, yeah that’s it, hair….. Bwaaaaaaahaaaaahaaaaaahaaaaa!!!

  2. When I hear a politician say I don’t need an AR-15 to go hunting or self defense, I hear a n Ignorant Fool that doesn’t have the slightest idea why our Forefathers wrote the 2nd Amendment. Hunting and self defense have Nothing to do with the 2nd Amendment, those are just side benefits.

  3. Joe, read the First Amendment, when you are DONE get an intelligent AMERICAN to EXPLAIN IT TO YOU. Bring SCHUMER, in this EXERSIZE in TRUTH. and UNDERSTANDING the AMERICAN LANGUAGE. l will make it SIMPLE so YOU can UNDERSTAND IT. We need these AUTOMATIC GUNS to PROTCT ourselves FROM the LIKES of YOU and CHUCKY BABY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Why doesn’t he focus on things that really matter like foreign policies the strengthen America rather than weakening it. Also the border crises which he HAS NOT DONE ANYTHING FOR MONTHS. He is a do nothing president!

    1. Is anyone surprised!
      With his dementia; he is only the far left’s puppet!
      He is encapable of critical thinking. He is only a puppet!

  5. Will the criminals also be obligated to the standard and will it be inforced before the shooting?

  6. I would not need a gun if I had 10+ men with automatic weapons around me either. Joe needs to hangout in Chicago by himself for a week and walk the streets.

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