BREAKING: Jimmy Kimmel HUMILIATED By Her – She Didn’t Hold Back, LOL

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin (R) hit back at late-night host Jimmy Kimmel after he called her “Typhoid Mary” for eating outdoors in New York City within five days of testing positive for COVID-19.

“I encourage fellow commonsense freedom-loving Americans to not cave to an unhinged mob of branch covidians,” she said. “I’m sorry that Jimmy ‘Karen’ Kimmel was triggered by my dining outside in 22 degree weather in New York City. Next time I’ll remember to wear a giant scarlet letter on my chest, so as not to traumatize him.”

Kimmel criticized Palin on Thursday’s episode of his ABS show. “But now, after testing positive, she went back to the same restaurant with COVID and a guy who’s coughing. There’s Typhoid Mary having some linguine or something.”

“You know [in] New York, you’re supposed to isolate for five days after a positive test, but darn it that’s not how Alaska’s top hockey mom does it,” Kimmel added. “She plays by her own rules.”

Funny, we didn’t hear that kind of criticism of CNN anchor Chris Cuomo when he was caught breaking his isolation before the end of the then-required 14-day quarantine to look at real estate with his family.

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