BREAKING: Jim Acosta REVERSAL – He Just Endorsed Trump…

Jim Acosta and Joe Scarborough finally took a break from criticizing everything about Presidend Donald Trump. Instead, they gave him some rare praise Thursday for his D-Day anniversary speech in Normandy, France, the Washington Times reported.

Acosta said the speech “rose to the moment” and Scarborough said it was the “strongest speech of his presidency.” Trump praised the soldiers who fought in WWII and said they had saved civilization and would never be forgotten.

Scarborough said he teared up when Trump talked about veterans who said that the real heroes were the ones that didn’t come back from Normandy. More than 2,500 Americans died in the D-Day invasion.

While it’s always nice to see political opponents come around and give the president some praise, it is bound to be short-lived because Acosta and Scarborough have many disagreements with Trump’s policies and mannerisms.

Trump seems equally at home with criticism as he does with praise, based on his unwavering commitment to the policies he supports.

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