BREAKING: Jim Acosta Gets Bad News – CNN Stunned

CNN’s Jim Acosta got some bad news at the Conservative Political Action Conference when crowds reminded him that he and CNN are not welcome at CPAC.

When the crowds spotted Acosta at CPAC, the crowds broke into chants of “CNN sucks” and “fake news.” One could say it was a friendly reminder for Acosta that his lack of ethics and hyperpartisanship will forever taint his name.

To make things worse for Acosta, he was confronted by David Marcus of the Federalist who demanded to know why he wasn’t covering the ongoing scandals embroiling New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Cuomo, whose brother is an anchor for CNN, is currently facing a growing impeachment movement after it was revealed that his administration made decisions that killed thousands of elderly nursing home patients.

Marcus told Acosta, “He [Cuomo] killed 10,000 people, and he’s accused of sexual assault. And you guys wanna talk about Ted Cruz.” Acosta lied and claimed that he was covering the scandals, which was false.

Thanks to former President Trump’s work to expose the media, the American people are awake to their lies. In a better world, “Journalists,” like Acosta, would be looking for work in a different field.

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