BREAKING: Jill Biden Is LEAVING – Joe Will Be Alone

First Lady Jill Biden will travel to the Tokyo Olympics to lead the official U.S. delegation without the president, the AP reported Tuesday.

“First Lady Jill Biden will travel to the Opening Ceremony of the 2021 Olympic Summer Games,” the White House said. The ceremony will take place on July 23.

She will also meet with Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga and other Japanese officials while in Japan, Breitbart said.

The president is reportedly staying home because of the abundance of caution surrounding the games in light of COVID-19. Fans have been banned from the games and athletes are not allowed on public transport.

There has been no word on what the president’s agenda will be when the first lady is away.

Read the full story here.

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21 Responses

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  6. Don’t send Jill Biden to Japan its bad enough that they think we are stupid but now we are really stupid having her there. Every country is laughing at us for sending her.She is not my First Lady and she sure not going to be my last

    1. 👏👏👏👏👏well said! Our country is in BIG TROUBLE PPL !!!! Stolen election results: ILLEGITIMATE POTUS & FIRST LADY!!!

  7. What a shame that the POTUS won’t attend the Olympics !!! What basement is he going to crawl into this time ??? What a slap in America’s face – he should be ashamed to even show his face !!!

  8. No need for the Left Wing loons to worry.He will be kept on a very short leash by his Puppet Masters. He will not be allowed to screw up any more than usual.

  9. Didn’t realize Nurse Jill was
    Elected by we the ppl to meet with foreign leaders –

  10. I object to Jill being our representative at the Olympics. Why her. Why not someone that is an elected person. n

  11. Come on we all know that Jill is running the country anyway! Joe would just make a fool of himself on camera anyway fumbling around for the right card to read is hard ya know! FREAKING PATHETIC!!

  12. Poor joe. Killy babe will not be holding his hands so he knows which way to go, such a pathetic couple. We are the laughing stock of the world. Thank you dumb demoncrats.

  13. Who gives Jill Biden the authority to meet with any representatives of another country? She is not an elected official of the United States, of course, neither is her husband. These states that are doing a re-count are proving that there was cheating in the vote counting. Georgia, Arizona already have proof and it looks like PA & Michigan may be next.

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