BREAKING: Jesse Watters Senate Announcement – Fans Stunned

Fox News superstar Jesse Watters just issued a major Senate announcement. Millions of fans are stunned — he revealed it all on national television.

During his show this week, Watters noted that Democrats have way more to lose if witnesses are called forward for the impeachment trial of President Trump. There’s no telling what could be exposed.

Senate Republicans are “going to acquit the president,” regardless of any Democrat grandstanding. “But what you don’t know is what’s going to come out of the testimony under oath from … Hunter Biden,” he said.

“Or how about the whistleblower or shifty Schiff,” added Watters. During his remarks, he also made it clear that he thinks there should be zero witnesses. “The House had its chance,” he said.

Watters’ point is that it was the House’s job to call witnesses forward to make an impeachment case, and they did a terrible job. It was also “a radically unfair deal.”

But if witnesses are called forward in the Senate, Democrats should be far more worried than Republicans. Former Vice President Joe Biden’s presidential campaign could go down in flames.

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