BREAKING: Jesse Watters Confirms Rumor To Fans – It’s Shocking

Fox News superstar Jesse Watters just confirmed the rumor to millions of fans. It is absolutely shocking, but he couldn’t be more right. This is the truth.

“It’s over,” declared Watters, referring to the Democrats’ case against President Trump. “Their whole case is based on someone’s speculation that was wrong.”

Watters continued: “The Democrats have no witness who provides any evidence of a quid pro quo. They never did because it never happened.”

As the Senate trial has moved forward, Americans nationwide have taken notice of the Democrats’ flimsy arguments as well — especially after Trump’s lawyers destroyed them this week.

Pelosi should have gone with her initial reaction to impeachment a refused to pursue it, but she gave in to the insane demands of her party’s far-left, anti-Trump base.

This is the consequence of Pelosi’s poor judgment: Trump will be exonerated. Watters predicts it will close up “next week” after the White House “lays into Biden and the Senate votes to acquit.”

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