BREAKING: Jesse Waters Stuns Viewers – He Ended It All

In an end-of-year video review, Fox News host Jesse Waters highlighted the most ridiculous moments of the Democrat party in 2019. Democrats have made themselves a laughing stock over the last year and it won’t look good come 2020.

Covering moments that ranged from “angry” to “weird,” Waters exposed Democrats for all to see.

Watch the clip here:

Democrats likely want to have some of these moments forgotten.

One of the worst was Democrat Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s comments on climate change. 2019 was marked by a peak of climate change hysteria driven by false predictions of the “world ending in 12 years.”

Unfortunately, such hysteria and the following antics have done little to endear voters to Democrats.

2020 might have even crazier moments to recap. Thanks to their behavior Democrats are in deep trouble with the electorate. Many are predicting that Republicans will retake the House. Jesse Waters will have a lot to recap next year.

Watch the clip here.

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