BREAKING: Jen Psaki Is OUT – She Confirms The Rumors…

White House Press Secretary Jen Paski is completely out. She just confirmed the rumors before a room of reporters. This is stunning.

“The government is not now, nor will we be supporting, a system that requires Americans to carry a credential,” said Psaki referring to the now-infamous “vaccine passport” for COVID-19.

While the Biden administration has come out in opposition to it now, there are some major contradictions that need to be cleared up based upon statements from the recent past.

“Federal government has a strong interest in how this plays out, and its actions will guide the pace and direction of the market,” noted a presentation slide from the Federal Health IT Coordinating Council.

Clearly, the federal government plans to be involved somehow — which is why Florida and Texas have now banned the implementation of a so-called “vaccine passport” in their states.

Furthermore, while Psaki has attempted to assure people that “these tools are being considered by the private and nonprofit sector” and the government’s interest is to protect “privacy and rights,” we will believe that when we see it.

Read the full story here.

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10 Responses

  1. Have to admit I got a little excited when I read the caption that Jen Psaki was out,…. its like everything the Dems say, what is said is one thing and what they mean is an entirely different story!

    1. You have to understand the Pagan religion,they think & talk in circles,riddles,do things in riddles,like the coverings of their pagan holidays,xmas easter etc. to make it sound like a christian thing to do. Her out,is out of cync with what the gov.decides. they are out to destroy America,& it will be done,cause good men do Nothing,,too many showing they are followers at all their commands. We are in introduction of what they are capable of & the worse of them is yet to come,soon.

  2. I won’t follow any executive orders from a illegitimate president period. This administration is a hoax and the American people need to stand against them now.

  3. Oh well, I, too, was hoping Psaki was really out of the White House, but, low, and behold, another of the media’s, “We got ya’ !” deals!”
    When am I going to learn to stop getting excited about anything the media says!! If they aren’t out right lying, they’re close to it!
    Maybe next time!!

    1. they are Paganists,,look up the definition,,better yet some Illuminatis videos,,you’ll understand the ”brains”NOT.

  4. I’m not getting a vaccination. I’ll get a doctor’s note. I have too many illnesses and medications to risk it. I, also, believe that it’s illegal for the government to over-step their boundaries because it’s a medical thing. EO or not.

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