BREAKING: Jen Psaki Is OUT – Biden Shocked

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki’s Twitter feed may land her in serious trouble, and she may find herself out of a job.

Psaki tweeted on March 11th, “tell the truth, follow the science, work together.” An ironic tweet considering the Biden administration’s less than scientific approach to coronavirus.

Psaki has essentially become the face of the Biden administration, with the President usually missing in action. Psaki needs to do everything in her power to avoid problems, and if she fails to do so, she could find herself quickly replaced.

Another tweet on January 26th raised eyebrows. Psaki tweeted, “Watch out world [Secretary of State Anthony Blinken] is back and ready to rebuild partnerships, regain US standing and leadership around the world. A do it with a rare combo of wisdom, experience, toughness and grace.”

Many Americans likely don’t recognize Anthony Blinken beyond yet another Washington suit. Blinken was a rabid advocate for war in Iraq, and his fingerprints are all over the disastrous foreign policy in the Middle East.

Psaki may not be aware that warmongers and those responsible for the disastrous foreign policy that has plunged the U.S. into crushing debt are not fit to lead the United States on the world stage. Biden may want to find a quieter Press Secretary who won’t draw so much negative attention.

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    2. Neen, the election has to be redone. This time no voting machines owned by democrats and no mail in ballots. Everyone has to go to the voting sights and the machines guarded and shut down in the evening. This way they cannot be reprogrammed.
      The democrats don’t have a plan useful for the country, but only to enrich themselves. The only way to stop this nonsense and take back the country is to march peacefully to Washington by the millions and throw out all the politicians. This is the only way to remove a ruling useless corrupt party.
      If Biden or Harris stay in office the country will be very difficult to remove the damage by these corrupt democrats. The don’t know what they are doing. Therefore, only disaster can happen. And what ever happened to having to be born on American soil as a prerequisite to becoming president? Was Harris born on American soil?

  1. The policy of this administration is to drive inflation to a level that will Bankrupt this wonderful nation. Leaving our children with an economy that will ruin their future.

  2. This whole administration is a farce-only itโ€™s not funny. Our whole way of life is changing for the worse. They cheated their way into office to reverse everything President Trump did thus getting payoffs from all of them. They donโ€™t care about us at all. Just money/power. Biden canโ€™t even do a press conference! Maybe Andrew Cuomo can find him a nice, comfy nursing home. Bring the real deal back. President Donald J Trump!

  3. Get out while you can Jen. The Biden administration will throw you under the bus. That is what they do to anyone that they deem not following their narrative. You surely don’t believe half of the crap that you have to say in those pressers do you. GET OUT WHILE YOU STILL HAVE SOME KIND OF A REPUTATION.

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