BREAKING: Jen Psaki HUMILIATED – Can’t Answer Why Biden…

Fox News contributor Joe Concha responded on Wednesday to a question from Fox&Friends anchor Steve Doocy about Jen Psaki’s response during a press briefing to questions about President Joe Biden’s reopening of migrant facilities for children and how that was any different than the Trump policies both Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris had condemned.

“This is not keeping kids in cages,” Psaki said, adding that it was “not a replication” of Trump policies, but failing to explain any differences.

Joe Concha said that “Jen Psaki had no defense” to the questions.

“What we get from Jen Psaki is she’s providing these non-answers, this Thousand Island of word salads that . . . don’t answer basic questions that have obvious answers, and good for Peter Doocy for calling her out on that,” Concha said.

Too bad Peter Doocy is the only one calling Psaki out on pretty much anything these days.

Watch the full video here.

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