BREAKING: Jen Psaki Exposed As Liar By Official Report – White House In Chaos…

For whatever reason, Jen Psaki feels the need to try to make Joe Biden look better by lying to America. It doesn’t work. Every single time it just makes Biden look weaker and weaker, but she just keeps doing it.

Most recently, she made the claim that the State of Florida is not spending money from the American Rescue Plan on school safety for coronavirus.

The situation came about as Psaki was repeatedly peddling the lie that Biden wouldn’t have failed distributing COVID tests if it wasn’t for those darned states and districts spending their relief money illegally and gumming up the works. A reporter then asked her what “states and districts” she was referring to.

“Florida,” Psaki replied.

Not only was that untrue, Psaki didn’t name any of the liberal allies who aren’t properly spending money on COVID school safety. In fact, the liberal cities of Chicago, San Francisco, and Oakland, all managed their grant funding so poorly that teachers literally walked out of schools in protest.

But don’t tell Psaki that.

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