BREAKING: Jen Psaki Confirms Stunning Rumor – She’s Really…

John Nolte bitterly lamented former Press Secretary Jen Psaki’s confirmation that she will go to work for MSNBC this fall after leaving the administration last week, noting that the gig was undoubtedly just a way for NBC to pay off the Biden administration indirectly for access.

“Psaki was the mouthpiece for the worst president in more than 50 years, possibly a century, and then failed upwards into a sweet-sweeet-sweeeeet TV gig,” Nolte complained, noting that the deal could not have been due to merit since her predecessor Simone Sanders was getting horrible ratings in a similar role with the network.

“Ratings don’t matter when you’re a left-wing fascist,” he went on. “Performance doesn’t matter.”

“The world of left-wing affirmative action has nothing to do with anything other than looking out for one another and making each other rich and pimping each other’s books and handing out golden calf awards no one earned and slapping each other’s backs and overpaying them for speeches no one wants to hear and waaaay overpaying advances on books no one will read and the lure of all that easy, filthy blood money in exchange for selling your soul to the cause of the State,” he stated.

“We can’t get baby formula, but look who’s getting rich over at NBC!” he wrote sorrowfully.

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