BREAKING: Jen Psaki Already Gets Dreaded News – Didn’t Last Long…

Jen Psaki has finally received her judgement from America:

She’s a liar, and we know it.

The flip-flopping from her is absolutely insane. She is a propaganda machine, not a press secretary.

Psaki should be telling it straight to America, not spinning it to protect her friends and family.

Maybe that’s why she’s leaving her post to earn that paycheck from MSNBC soon.

As long as the network is fine with the fact that Psaki can’t keep her story straight, I’m sure she’ll be a big hit.

Just last week she did not condemn activists targeting the homes of the Supreme Court Justices that overturned Roe V. Wade.

Now she wants America to forget that she practically incited violence.

“@POTUS strongly believes in the Constitutional right to protest. But that should never include violence, threats, or vandalism. Judges perform an incredibly important function in our society, and they must be able to do their jobs without concern for their personal safety.”

Senator Josh Hawley knows why Psaki waited so long to flip-flop.

She wanted to make sure the protesters understood she didn’t mind them raising hell before going out and trying to convince America she wanted law and order.

“A little late, don’t you think – now that leftists are firebombing prolifers and threatening the safety of Supreme Court Justices and their families, Joe Biden could have condemned this violence & harassment and instead encouraged it. He should be held responsible.”

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