BREAKING: Jeffery Epstein Evidence Stuns Nation – She Did It…

Wow, the more and more we learn about the life of Jeffrey Epstein, the sicker we realize he was.

Not only was he a bad guy himself, he was surrounding himself with people who acted and thought just like he did:

As disgustingly as possible.

Virginia Roberts Giuffre just may be Epstein’s most famous victim.

But now, Giuffre has some problems of her own.

If what she’s being accused of is true, then she might not be any better than the monster Epstein himself.

Guiffre is being accused of sexual assault by one of Epstein’s other victims, artist Rina Oh.

Is Guiffre just as dirty as Epstein himself? Probably not, but she might be close.

Until she has her day in court though, we’ll never know for sure.

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