BREAKING: Jeffery Epstein Evidence Rocks Nation – Clinton Fuming

The attorney general for the U.S. Virgin Islands has subpoenaed the flight logs listing everyone who has flown on one of Jeffrey Epstein’s fleet of four helicopters and three planes since 1998.

Attorney General Denise George filed a lawsuit against his estate on 22 total charges including human trafficking, aggravated rape, child abuse, neglect, forced labour and prostitution.

Epstein had an estate in the Virgin Islands and was reported to have committed many crimes against children and adults there.

George also requested to see any “complaints or reports of potentially suspicious conduct” that occurred on the aircraft as well as notes made by the pilots.

Unofficial reports say that high profile figures like former President Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew, Kevin Spacey and Naomi Campbell have all flown on Epstein’s aircraft, although all have denied any knowledge of or participation in his wrongdoing.

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