BREAKING: Jeff Sessions Does FULL REVERSAL – Supporters Stunned

Many supporters of President Donald Trump took great issue with former Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ recusal from all matters related to Russia early on in Trump’s administration.

The act by Sessions was viewed as a sort of betrayal in light of the fact that it gave rise to the appointment of Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his two-year exhaustive investigation into alleged Russian collusion in the 2016 election.

After finally resigning following the 2018 elections, Sessions has reemerged on the political scene as he prepares to run in 2020 to reclaim his old Senate seat, and he is once again ardent in his support for the president and the U.S. Constitution as he was in 2016.

In addition to his expressed support for President Trump, Sessions has also launched a defense of the all-important Electoral College — which divvies up the presidential votes by individual states instead of national popularity — that has come under sustained attack by the ideological left in the wake of Trump’s victory in that institution in 2016.

A lengthy piece from columnist James Pinkerton in Breitbart pointed out that Sessions, like many others on the right, fully grasp the danger of the left’s assault on the Electoral College and how the demise of that constitutional institution would allow for a few heavily populated Democrat-controlled states like California and New York to dominate the rest of the United States.

The nation’s founders had explicitly warned and guarded against such “direct democracy” and majoritarianism and put in place safeguards such as the Electoral College and U.S. Senate, which Sessions is now working hard to protect and defend.

You can read the full piece right here.

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