BREAKING: Jeff Sessions Comes Clean… Nation In Shock

Former U.S. Senator Jeff Sessions — President Trump’s first attorney general before being replaced by William Barr — just came clean on air. The entire nation is in shock.

The Alabama Republican said on The Jeff Poor Show that there’s been “substantial pushback” against what is commonly known as the Deep State. He credited Trump with the progress being made.

“The whole leadership at the top level of the FBI has changed,” noted Sessions, from James Comey at the top to other key positions. He also pointed out the “political agenda” that had such a problem.

“They seem to be hostile to the president,” Sessions said. He continued by discussing how there is “one unified executive under the Constitution,” and that is the president of the United States.

Sessions then made an interesting statement about how everyone serving in the executive branch must be subject to the president’s leadership — a curious thing to say, considering how he was replaced.

There is no telling whether Sessions is genuine in his praise of Trump or just trying to get back in his good graces. One thing is certain: He is highly likely to defeat the Democratic incumbent. That’s good no matter what.

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