BREAKING: Jeanine Pirro Confirms Rumors – Fans Stunned

Fox News superstar Jeanine Pirro just confirmed the rumors on national television. Millions of fans across the country are stunned by her announcement, but they know she is completely right.

“They don’t care about reform,” said Pirro about the Democrats. They want chaos. It’s a great political issue for them in November. So, we must put an end to this anarchy.”

During her opening statement, she discussed how the far-left — including many Democratic Party leaders — want the violence in the streets to accomplish the “destabilization of our nation.”

Democrats proved their true intentions by refusing to work on police reform with Senator Tim Scott, an African-American, Republican senator from South Carolina. “Why? You figure it out,” she said.

Pirro was being rhetorical, of course. Most people know why Democrats blocked debate on Senator Scott’s bill — they can’t stand the idea of a black Republican leading on this issue.

To Democrats, race is nothing more than a political tool for power. If they actually cared about reform and confronting the civil unrest, they would welcome Scott’s efforts. But this is all about November.

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