BREAKING: James Comey NAILED – Truth Is Coming Out

Former FBI Director James Comey was just completely nailed. The truth is about to come out, and he won’t like it one bit. But there is nothing he can do about it — the trap for him has been set by a high-ranking Republican senator.

“You got a lot to say, James Comey,” said Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) on Fox News this week. “Come in under oath and say it.” He wants the former FBI director to directly testify about Crossfire Hurricane, commonly known as the Trump-Russia ‘collusion’ probe.

Graham was responding to a recent appearance by Comey on CBS News in which he downplayed the counter-investigation by U.S. Attorney John Durham to explore the origins of the anti-Trump witch-hunt. Comey clearly likes being in the spotlight.

This is why Graham thinks that Comey might as well come to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee, which he chairs. After all, if Comey can appear on TV to criticize the work being done to unravel his mess, he can do it under oath as well.

To that end, Graham is ready “to give him a chance to explain to the country about Crossfire Hurricane — one of the most corrupt investigations in the history of the FBI. Comey needs to answer for his involvement in the scheme.

He was the one who signed a warrant to spy on Trump campaign aide Carter Page, even though the now-infamous ‘Steele dossier’ used to obtain the warrant from the FISA court was deemed unreliable. It is time for Comey to come clean.

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