BREAKING: James Comey Goes TOO FAR [Developing Now]

Former FBI director James Comey is known for his questionable decision making. This time, he demonstrated it again, deciding to go after former Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis for not speaking out against President Trump.

Mattis left the administration based on differences with the President, however, it was more of a practical separation than a hostile one.

Mattis simply didn’t agree with President Trump on Syria, and its easier to replace a Defense Secretary than a President.

James Comey is an outspoken critic of President Trump and has been so since he was fired by Trump. Comey’s attempts to get Mattis to come out and attack Trump are a step too far.

If Mattis really had something bad to say about Trump he would have said it already. Comey said, “I don’t get his explanation for why he isn’t speaking about what he knows.”

Comey is assuming Mattis knows that Trump did something wrong. Comey is implying that Mattis is complicit in some kind of criminal behavior – which is absurd. Comey would do well to keep quiet instead of attacking people like Mattis.

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