BREAKING: James Comey BUSTED – It’s Really Happening

Ranking House Judiciary member Jim Jordan (R-OH) said he hopes Former FBI Director James Comey is held accountable by U.S. Attorney John Durham when his investigation is completed and the results are released to the public.

“I’ve said this all along: I think Jim Comey’s the biggest culprit here,” Jordan said. “Comey’s the ringleader here; I hope they give him a second look and I hope he is ultimately held accountable.”

Jordan said he thought Durham would report on his probe over the summer despite rumors that Durham wanted to wait until after the election to report his findings so he didn’t appear political.

You know what really seems political? Having findings that could potentially impact an election but not releasing them until after that election.

Is there any end to the deep state and its rapid desire to oust Trump from its ranks?

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