BREAKING: James Comey Busted – Death Penalty Is…

Former CIA operative Bryan Dean Wright was quite angry about the FBI’s treatment of former Trump National Security Adviser Michael Flynn as detailed in newly released documents.

The documents suggest that FBI agents targeted Flynn and wanted to catch him in a lie rather than do a legitimate investigation into possible Russia ties.

“We have this very clear case of James Comey and a whole bunch of other folks on the senior level of the FBI trying to get people fired — not because the facts warranted it or the law called for it but because of their own personal, partisan agendas,” Wright told Fox News.

He made it clear that he thought it was a terrible crime for “unelected bureaucrats” to decide to “take out a member of the Trump administration.”

Wright said that if they could prove the case against Comey and former CIA director John Brennan, who he called “traitors,” he hoped they would get the death penalty. “If I could flip the switch myself, I’d do it,” Wright said.

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