BREAKING: Jail Time BOMBSHELL Rocks Biden Family – Joe Is Devastated…

Hunter Biden has committed an offense punishable by severe jail time according to a new report.

“Hunter Biden may have given false information on an ATF background check form,” reports Breibart News who then noted “the punishment for false answers on that form includes fines up to $250,000 and/or ten years of imprisonment.”

Given the reporting on Hunter Biden’s alleged 2018 drug purchase, one might expect his answers to ATF for a subsequent ATF background check to reflect that. However, as Breitbart reports, Hunter Biden’s answer about previous drug use was in the negative.

ATF Form 4473 state clearly that “the information you provide will be used to determine whether you are prohibited by Federal or State law from receiving a firearm. Certain violations of the Gun Control Act, 18 U.S.C. 921 et. seq., are punishable by up to 10 years imprisonment and/or up to a $250,000 fine.”

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12 Responses

    1. DAD S/NOT be allowed to waiver his own son’s sins….don’t know what the law
      reads on that as I do NOT believe any sitting POTUS has ever had a “kid??” like that before. Interesting how this will play out…..?????

  1. He is only devastated because little hunter got caught again. He is a criminal and needs to be treated as one.

    1. Yesss arrest all of them and throw all this family in jail including Jill Biden for abusing Joe Biden that he is not in his right mind .

  2. Are you people kidding?
    If he should by chance get convicted his father will pardon him.
    This is just another crime in the Biden’s long stream of crime.
    So don’t get your hopes dashed.

  3. I agree, I had high hopes once when I heard that the Biden family was making money illegally from China and other places. That seemed to go south fast as soon as Biden was in office. Now this, I have no hope here either. When BLM talks about White privilege, they are looking at the wrong people, they should be looking at the people they put in to office, like the whole Biden family. Hard working white people are not their enemies, we just get by day to day also!

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