BREAKING: Ivanka Travel Attack – En Route To….

A tweet by Ivanka Trump as she traveled to The Hague to speak at the Global Entrepreneur Summit drew many unkind comments Wednesday, Mediaite reported.

Trump tweeted simply, “En Route to The Hague” with the summit’s hashtag. In response, numerous commenters suggested jokingly that she should face international criminal charges there.

The Netherlands location is home to the intragovernmental organization the International Criminal Court. Upon arriving, Trump met with U.S. Marines stationed at the embassy there.

That didn’t stop comments like “have a change of clothes and stay awhile” and “don’t taunt us like that.” The taunts did not allege any specific crime by Trump, who has served as an advisor to her president-father and helped to run his companies while he is in office.

Yet another glaring example of blind, ignorant Trump-hatred on the left, in the midst of which Ivanka has shown extraordinary grace and composure.

Read the full story here.

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