BREAKING: It’s WAR – They’re Headed For China

The news just dropped about a coming war — they are headed for China and the world is stunned. Millions of people can’t believe it.

Taiwanese Foreign Minister Joseph Wu “told ABC on Tuesday the ‘risk’ for a future conflict between China and Taiwan is ‘much higher than before’ based on Beijing’s increased military aggression toward the island,” reported Breitbart News.

“If you look at the Chinese military activities around Taiwan, it’s been intensifying,” continued Wu. “There were several times [recently] that the Chinese jet fighters crossed the median line of the Taiwan Strait.”

Chinese military activity has certainly ramped up the last several months, and it is a major concern — not only for Taiwan, but for the United States as well. The Chinese Communist Party is playing war games.

This situation is especially disconcerting due to the likely presidency of Joe Biden. He has always been soft on China and his family’s longstanding business interests with the country present a major conflict.

For the sake of our allies, such as Taiwan, Republicans in Congress must hold Biden’s feet to the fire. The presidential administration may be changing, but America’s stand against China’s aggression should remain.

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