BREAKING: It’s WAR – Official Announcement Stuns Nation

The Democrats continue to use inflammatory language and twisted rhetoric to attempt to condemn Donald Trump for the violence that occurred on January 6 in the nation’s capitol.

Rep. Eric Swalwell, king of hyper-partisan pot stirring, actually called Trump’s words on that day “an act of war.”

Swalwell did not mention that Trump asked people to act peaceably.

Swalwell did not mention that Trump’s use of the word “fight” was the same word virtually every leader, including Swalwell himself, has used to cast a vision for the mission ahead.

Swalwell also did not mention that the Democrats have used far more inflammatory language, such as “push back,” to whip up opposition against Donald Trump and the Republicans.

Swalwell said none of that.

He and the Democrats are working hard to make sure you and the rest of America don’t get the full story.

To read more about this development, click here.

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