BREAKING: It’s OVER – He Surrenders To Donald Trump

It is completely over. He just surrendered to President Donald Trump and people are stunned. No one expected this to happen anytime soon.

“Rocker Neil Young has dropped his lawsuit against Donald Trump’s campaign over his music being played at the president’s campaign events,” reported Breitbart News, based upon a report from The Hollywood Reporter.

Young “filed a lawsuit back in August” following the Trump campaign’s use of several of his popular songs, however, “the case now has been ‘dismissed with prejudice, meaning that claims can’t be renewed.'”

It is possible that a settlement could have been reached, but this has not been confirmed. In the past, other liberal entertainers have tried to get Trump to stop using their music — but “the legal grounds for such claims remain highly disputed.”

Ultimately, this was about pulling an election-year, anti-Trump stunt. Now that Joe Biden has seemingly pulled off a win (in a highly disputed election), Young and others have no need to keep their lawsuits going.

But if they think Trump is going away, they have another thing coming. Even if Biden is sworn-in as the next president of the United States, Trump will remain a force in the Republican Party for years to come and may even be the 2024 nominee.

Read the full story here.

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