BREAKING: IT’S OVER – Biden Just Surrendered To…

Former Vice President Joe Biden just surrendered. It is over for the presidential hopeful — he has been backed into a corner and knows he can’t escape justice.

Biden has made an about-face on the matter of testifying before the Senate. He originally stated he would not comply with a subpoena, but he is now saying that “if I was subpoenaed, I’d respond.”

He made the announcement to the Seacoast Media Group editorial board, and the clipped was picked up and played by none other than MSNBC. This is an interesting development, to be sure.

On one hand, Biden wants to appear tough and resilient when dealing with President Trump and Republicans. On the other hand, his team must’ve determined that he’s in no place to ignore a subpoena.

That said, Biden still trotted out the typical talking points. “I will not contribute to the notion that there’s any legitimacy to the notion of calling me as a witness,” he said.

He is referring to the Senate’s impeachment trial for Trump — a duty that Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) will handle quickly, but not without calling some key Democrats forward.

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