BREAKING: IT’S OVER – Ben Carson DID IT – White House In Shock

Ben Carson just did it. He gave the order and now U.S. Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is looking into a potentially massive scandal. The White House is in total shock.

“Trump Administration officials from HUD have opened an investigation into a management company’s ban of Christmas lights and yard displays at a housing development,” tweeted Liberty Counsel, a non-profit group.

Liberty Counsel is a group of lawyers dedicated to defending the First Amendment as intended by the Founding Fathers — especially when it comes to the all-important right to religious freedom.

After reports were received that a housing development in Missouri was allegedly banning certain Christmas decorations, Liberty Counsel sent a letter to the company demanding the policy be changed.

Some concessions were made, however, the issue still isn’t fully resolved. That is why HUD is involved and has opened an investigation into whether residents’ rights are being violated.

“Christmas is a nationally recognized holiday, and banning individuals’ religious decorations or celebrations in a federally subsidized or managed residential facility violates the Fair Housing Act,” noted Liberty Counsel.

Read the full story here.

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