BREAKING: IT’S OVER – 2020 Democrat Quitting Decision

It could be officially over for one Democratic presidential candidate. He just waffled on a major foreign policy question — he should just quit now. This is embarrassing.

Back in July before a liberal audience at a CNN debate, Mayor Pete Buttigieg pledged to withdraw all U.S. troops from Afghanistan during his first year as president. Now he has reversed course.

“We will withdraw,” said Buttigieg in July. “We have to.” CNN host Jake Tapper then asked, “In your first year?” Buttigieg responded, “Yes.” But his appearance on a recent podcast seems to contradict this promise.

“Can I impose a clock on it? I can’t,” he remarked on the Angry Americans podcast. “As a political candidate, making a promise that is going to lock in my presidency isn’t responsible.”

He must have just realized that making such a promise isn’t an easy thing — that there’s more to being president than just saying what some people want to hear. But this flip-flop will be on his record forever.

It goes to show that Buttigieg is a political novice. In spite of being one of the Democratic Party’s few rising stars, he won’t win the nomination. Even if he did, Trump would defeat him in a landslide.

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