BREAKING: It’s Officially TED CRUZ – Democrats Stunned…

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) received some rare praise from New York Times columnist David Brooks regarding his views on Russia and Ukraine during an interview with PBS on Friday.

“I rarely praise Ted Cruz, but Ted Cruz, for the last few years, has been pretty much right on Ukraine and Russia, and he’s been very aggressive,” Brooks said. “A lot of Republican senators have been very aggressive: We need to do this to prevent a war. So I find, in general, Republicans have not followed Trump in any soft-on-Putin direction, quite the reverse.”

Brooks also seemed to approve of pressure by Republicans to do more to help Ukraine as it has been bombarded by Russia for nearly a month.

In his perception, President Joe Biden is moving in the direction of more help for Ukraine.

“If we’re going to have an argument over how fast we move in the more direction, that, to me, is a pretty useful argument to have,” Brooks said.

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