BREAKING: It’s Officially Over For Joe Biden – Nation Shocked

President Joe Biden ended 2021 on a bad note and if the headlines are to be believed, 2022 won’t be any better for one of the worst President’s in modern times.

The year ended for the Biden administration with America in a much worse place than it began the year. All of the problems that Biden swore to solve are still affecting Americans and in some cases, new crises have been created.

“New Year’s Eve Celebrations Muted Once Again by Covid-19,” was plastered on the homepage of the Wall Street Journal, a grim reminder that President Biden broke his promise to “shut down the virus.”

While the pandemic has been over in many red states, blue states like New York continue to struggle with the virus despite the use of draconian measures like vaccine mandates.

Democrats may be sinking President Biden by prolonging the pandemic. Americans are tired of the endless fearmongering and want to return to normal.

The news is all bad and now President Biden could watch his party get destroyed in the midterm elections, effectively ending any chance of Biden being able to pass his agenda.

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