BREAKING: It’s Not Over For Trump – Arizona Announcement Shocks Nation

It is not over for President Donald Trump. An announcement from Arizona has shocked the nation — and Joe Biden’s campaign is completely stunned.

“Understand that this election is far from over,” said Republican Party of Arizona Chairwoman Kelli Ward. “We do not have a president-elect at this time. States have not certified elections, and that’s what makes a president-elect.”

She also sent a message to the elite by declaring that they do not determine the next president of the United States — “not the media, not the pundits, not the talking heads, not the fake news,” she said.

During her social media video, Ward promised Arizonans — and the 73 million who voted for Trump — that this election would have “integrity” in spit of Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs’ suspicious, anti-Trump comments.

In one example of many, Hobb tweeted without evidence in August of 2017 that Trump “has made it abundantly clear he’s more interested in pandering to his neo-nazi base than being @POTUS for all Americans.”

Hobbs cannot be trusted. Her accusations as Arizona’s top election official call everything into question — she might as well be a member of “The Squad.” This election is far, far from over.

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