BREAKING: It’s FAKE – Coronavirus Bombshell Stuns Nation

Michigan state Representative Steve Johnson called on Governor Gretchen Whitmer to open an investigation after it was revealed that CBS News faked a line of patients waiting for testing.

CBS News aired footage showing a long line of cars waiting for testing. The issue was only one or two of the cars were actual patients, the rest were medical workers who had been told to get in the line.

In a letter obtained by Project Veritas, Johnson said, “I am calling on you today to instruct the necessary agencies in the State of Michigan to open a formal investigation into the incident that took place at Cherry Health.”

Both CBS News and Cherry Health have both denied that there was any deliberate manipulation to make it appear as if they were overwhelmed.

CBS News has been previously caught using footage from an overwhelmed hospital in Italy while discussing hospitals in New York.

An investigation seems warranted and if it is confirmed CBS manipulated footage then they should be fined heavily.

Read the full story here.

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