BREAKING: It’s DONE – Voters Shocked By Result

The Georgia Democrat Party trained workers who are now going door to door to “cure” defective absentee ballots so they can be counted as legitimate votes, but they were instructed not to do so for Republican votes.

It is public record when a voter submits a ballot that is not counted, and 5,000 such names were released on Wednesday, with more expected Thursday and Friday.

The training was conducted by out of state activists including Jessie Grass, who told the trainees, “We are still voting.” There is a 5 p.m. Friday deadline in the state for collecting and turning in corrected ballots.

Grass said their efforts “hopefully will turn the presidential race.” There was no sign that the Republican party was doing anything similar to “fix” Republican ballots.

On Thursday night, less than 4,000 votes separated the two candidates, with President Donald Trump in the lead.

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