BREAKING: It’s Confirmed, He’s Running – GOP Is Shocked

It was just publicly confirmed. The Republican Party is shocked and looking for a way out. This is a stunning turn of events in a major red state.

“Lin Wood, a lawyer who filed third-party lawsuits in support of former President Donald Trump’s election challenges, has announced his bid to lead the South Carolina Republican Party,” reported The Epoch Times.

Wood is a controversial figure — even President Donald Trump tried to distance himself a bit. Now, a debate is raging within South Carolina about whether Wood’s bid to lead the state party is a good idea.

According to Forbes, the current South Carolina GOP chairman, Drew McKissick, “has been endorsed by former President Donald Trump,” but this could upset the entire dynamic.

Wood has been extremely loyal to Trump, however, many conservatives believe Wood may have cost Republicans the Georgia election by depressing voter turnout for then-Sens. David Purdue and Kelly Loeffler.

Trump will now have to decide how to handle the situation and it will be interesting to see how this plays out. All eyes are on the political situation in South Carolina heading into the 2022 election.

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