BREAKING: It’s a HOAX – Virus Evidence Turns Out To Be Fake

CBS News has been caught (for the third time) broadcasting fake coronavirus footage in an effort to exaggerate fears over America’s ability to handle coronavirus. The hoax isn’t coronavirus – it’s the media coverage of coronavirus.

CBS staged a long line of cars at Cherry Medical Center in Grand Rapids, Michigan. In the long line were two patients, the rest were medical workers who had been directed to join the line.

The mainstream media has been hyping up concerns about America’s testing capabilities.

This isn’t the first time CBS News has staged footage in an effort to perpetuate fake news and scare people.

CBS News previously used footage from a hospital in Italy that showed overwhelmed staff and beds full of patients. The only problem is that CBS was covering hospitals in New York at the time.

After being caught CBS apologized and promised to not make the same mistake. They were caught a month later using the same footage. President Trump was right when he said the media coverage of coronavirus was a hoax.

Read the full story here.

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