BREAKING: It Was True The Whole Time – Joe Biden’s Secret Comes Out

It was true the whole time — President Joe Biden’s secret has come out and millions of Americans are stunned. He cannot escape accountability now.

“We are very disappointed about the COVID-19 relief package’s exclusion of the Hyde Amendment, a longstanding bipartisan policy that prevents taxpayer funding for abortion,” said a statement from Pro-Life Evangelicals for Biden.

While, of course, it is devastating that the bill pushed by Biden and the Democrats does not contain the Hyde Amendment — a provision that has been attached to spending bills for decades — something else is amiss.

“We feel used and betrayed and have no intention of simply watching these kinds of efforts happen from the sidelines,” continued the statement. But anyone actually paying attention shouldn’t be surprised by Biden.

There is no telling how large or influential this “pro-life” group actually is, however, they clearly did not listen to Biden’s campaign promises and engaged in wishful thinking in order to justify supporting him.

All of the pro-life groups worth anything openly support President Donald Trump’s reelection — they knew that Biden would follow through on his promises to dramatically expand abortion in this country.

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5 Responses

  1. Our current government; Biden, Harris Pelosi and the rest of the swanp should all be taken down. They think our eyes are closed. Wake up people take a look what is going on. Do you really think Biden is running the government >
    1 FACT President D. Trump 2 days mind you 2 days prior to Jan. 6th told Pelosi that the National Guards should be called and she did nothing about it.
    Now she is so afraid of her own shadow we have a rolled up wire fence aroung the capitol. We need to all vote to take our current so called government out. Biden also took credit for the vaccine -common

    1. Piglosi is the lowest form of a scank that breathes and lies every time she opens her scanky mouth. We Need to clean out the demoRats and democommies from our government. If the people don’t open their eyes, this country and our Freedom will forever be lost !!

  2. Each and every time i come across this article i have to LOL but i feel so bad for them for believing the lie over and over again. The man said what he was going to do, bc he is sooo old and a politician for soooo many years, that is another sign to beleive what he says. U ppl have to let go of the old and embrace what u know is morally right for u to do or just shut up and keep on killing babies, that’s what dems do.

  3. Biden is incompetent and needs to be replaced . We shouldn’t wait if they have a real crisis this is no job for someone inexperienced and the man is asinine . Why are they waiting to sign the coronavirus bill on Friday going to have to practice signing his name.

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