BREAKING: IT WAS SOROS – Stop The Presses – We Caught Him

The news is spreading quickly nationwide: It was billionaire socialist George Soros. Stop the presses; we caught him red-handed. He can’t escape now.

Democrats have called in Norm Eisen to question witnesses at the upcoming House Judiciary Committee impeachment hearings — and Americans should be aware of his big-money ties to Soros.

Eisen founded the Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW), which Soros’ Open Society Foundation has funded to the tune of $1.35 million dollars.

In addition to his Soros connection, Eisen worked for the Obama White House, the far-left Brookings Institute, and as a political commentator for CNN. This is too much to ignore.

But if that’s not enough for some people, Eisen even penned an op-ed for the New York Times in which he peddled the now-debunked Trump-Russia “collusion” narrative. He cannot be trusted to tell the truth.

And this is exactly why Democrats are bringing him in: To peddle their talking points in front of the TV cameras. Eisen should be dismissed as nothing more than a hyper-partisan hack with dangerous Soros ties.

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