BREAKING: It Was COMEY! Released FBI Docs Stun Nation

New text messages from FBI agent Peter Strzok show that he kept the investigation into former Trump National Security Adviser Michael Flynn open when other agents moved to close it because top brass ordered him to do so.

“7th floor involved,” one text about why the investigation was being kept open read. The texts and memos came just as FBI agents met with outgoing President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden to brief them on the now discredited Steele dossier, then met with President-Elect Donald Trump to brief him as well.

The Steele dossier was then leaked to the press and had a part in launching the investigation into whether Trump had ties with Russia and was involved in Russian election tampering efforts prior to the U.S. election in 2016.

The texts show that despite Comey’s statements that he and other top officials were not involved in the investigation into Trump and other associates like Flynn, the directives that led to the Mueller investigation came directly from the top.

Attorney General William Barr also said in December that it was not true that top FBI brass were not involved in the investigation despite Comey’s denials.

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