BREAKING: It Is Now OPEN – Economy Is Officially…

It is now officially open and millions of Americans are stunned. A city just outside of a major metropolitan area has decided that it can’t wait any longer. Their economy has to move forward.

In a controversial move, the mayor of Colleyville, Texas, declared that many businesses — including dine-in restaurants — could re-open starting on April 24. Colleyville is about 15 miles from Fort Worth.

According to Breitbart News, Mayor Richard Newton’s amended emergency declaration will allow dine-in services at local restaurants “as long a tables provide for social distancing.” But that’s not all.

“Retail stores that were not deemed ‘essential services’ under previous orders could now be open to allow customers to pick-up orders,” continued Breitbart’s report. Even gyms may re-open under certain guidelines.

Economically, it is a sign that most businesses cannot take being closed much longer. Colleyville is a city of just over 26,000 people — and therefore likely a reliable barometer for other small-to-medium U.S. communities.

“The move by the Colleyville mayor comes in advance of any similar order from the State of Texas and is apparently causing confusion or opposition in neighboring communities,” said Breitbart.

Read the full story here.

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