BREAKING: Israel Suddenly Attacked – Democrats’ Surprise Move Shocks World

Israel was just suddenly attached. The Democrats’ surprise move has shocked the entire world — everyone should be outraged.

“We should talk about the elephant in the room: America’s military assistance to Israel,” said Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) speaking to J Street, a far-left special interest group.

Warren claimed that while she supports assistance, she wants to use it as a tool for leverage. “By continuing to provide military aid without restriction, we provide no incentive for Israel to adjust course,” she said.

We all know what “adjust course” means in liberal-speak: that Israel’s leaders should cede historical land to Palestine essentially stop defending themselves from Palestinian aggression.

Matt Brooks, director of the Republican Jewish Coalition, released a statement in response saying that Warren’s insinuation that Israel should make concessions to Palestine is “disgusting.”

Warren isn’t the only one who feels this way, of course. Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) recently proposed that “restricting U.S. aid” to Israel should be a proposal that is considered by the Biden administration.

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6 Responses

  1. Screw the DEMONRATS and what they want !!! It’s time to get serious about these RIDICULOUS ACTUATION ISSUES !!!!! WE MUST STAND WITH ISRAEL, NOT DOING SO IS RIDICULOUS !!!!!

  2. Yeah, lets destroy our only ally in the middle east. The dems are absolutely out of their minds. They have no idea what they are doing. It is all for show and to garner votes from the uneducated.

    1. You are so right, and Israel is a long time allie. There is no way that we should turn our back on them. These demorats that will not stand with Israel, will NOT be voted back in.

  3. They will all burn in hell. Maybe the good Lord will open the earth and swallow them. The democrats are ruining america. Half of america does not condone what biden harris and the democrats in congress are doing. They all think they are going to heaven because they are catholic or preachers or of some other form of faith. All I can say is good luck when jesus returns because he will not care if you are democrat republican or independent. Democrats may have it made on earth but when they die it will be told to them all the evil things they did. Israel is the chosen one.

  4. President Trump had alot of things right and standing with Israel 🇮🇱 was one of them! You Democraps are destroying our country with rapid pace and I fear people will rise up against you and crush you all. That is my prayer and my hope.

  5. You Democrats are getting extra flyers point to HELL. keep it up someday you will see how the other half suffers cause it will be YOU!!!

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