BREAKING: Israel ATTACKS – Joe Biden Completely Stunned…

Top Israeli officials just shocked the White House.

The Israeli officials are calling out President Joe Biden for his admnistration’s position on Iran calling it “very troubling.”

According to Breitbart News report, senior Israeli officials are accusing Special Envoy for Iran Rob Malley of “acting like he’s from the U.N.” and “not a representative of the American people.”

Malley recently said the U.S. would “have to lift [the Trump administration’s] sanctions that are inconsistent….with the deal that was reached with Iran… so that Iran enjoys the benefits that it was supposed to enjoy under the deal.”

“If this is American policy, we are concerned,” said the quoted senior Israeli official.

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10 Responses

  1. It’s absolutely UNBELIEVABLE that Joe and CACKLING KAMALA are being allowed to undo all that PRES.Trump did to bring peace to the middle east—all in the name of POLITICS—DUMB, ASININE, LEFTIST-LIBERAL, DEMOCRAT POLITICS !!

    1. No it’s not in the name of politic, it the fact that President Trump was a great President and they can’t have a Republican doing a better job then they did. Like the crisis at the Border there are terrorist coming through and they are not even let media show any of this and media is quite about it , if it were President Trump the media would be all pissed off wanting to know what he is hiding.

  2. Look at the world after since Biden took the presidency from Trump. Getting very brave starting wars, because this no back bone president wants to be like Obama. China, Russia, Iran, Iraq etc…..Enabler, kiss, bow down to our enemies, don’t want to hurt their feelings. We’ll get ready for war inside and overseas and to the south of America. Need to take back the House and Senate. Take his power of the pen and Pelosi’s gavel away from them. I God we trust.

  3. This is no real surprise, the Biden administration has failed from day one!

    So far they have failed to do anything right to support either our citizens or our allies! Instead the Biden administration has taken a path toward war and destruction! Every thing from closing the keystone pipeline to open borders, destroying the military morale and weakening our military strength!

    Now the idiot who sees himself as an Emperor wants to dictate the terms of the Constitution! His actions have again shown him to be a liar and a fraud!
    He has dishonored his Oath of Office which states that he would support and uphold the Constitution of the United States of America!

    Instead he does the opposite, despicable individual!

  4. I have to take exception with this article. It states Biden is “stunned”. I think you have to have a certain level of awareness to be stunned, don’t you??? Hidin’ Biden doesn’t measure up to a level of awareness so that he could be considered “stunned”!

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